1x Kahuna Creations Adjustable Big Stick - Wave Pro Grip Aluminium

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Kahuna Creations is proud to introduce the new adjustable Kahuna Stick - Wave with Pro Grip attachment!

Riders use the Kahuna Big Stick to lean into intense downhill turns, or as a land paddle for cross country longboarding and a great workout.

Adjustable Kahuna Big Stick Innovations:

New stronger solid shaft with a flat rib side that offers stronger performance as well as a more comfortable grip.

Larger, extremely durable, machined knobs for easier height adjustment.

Preinstalled with new Pro Grip attachment.

The ergonomic handle adapts perfectly to your hand. Adjustable from 4'5" to 6'.

New features of the Pro Grip Attachment:

The new Pro Grip attachment offers a great ergonomic road feel when paddling.

Engineered with new ballistic polycarbonate compound for lightweight strength.

Pro Grips feature an incredibly vulcanized rubber that offers both a solid, plush feel and durability.

The Pro Grips can be peeled off and rotated if flat spots ever develop.

Landpaddling sticks can be used as:

longboard brake for longboards or skateboards,

full body workout with longboards

outdoor fitness training with longboard,

outdoor rowing training with longboard,

Stand-up paddling training all year round with longboard,

SUP (stand up paddling) simulator,

Brake for and brake with longboards or skateboards.

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