Offroad-Longboard "Onda Longa" by Onda Motion - 107 cm x 27 cm

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♔♕ ♛♚ Falko

★★★★★ I'm excited!!!

I also think that this is good for people who are looking for a nice alternative to cycling, as a long-time athlete I can say that the whole body is used here, especially balance with poor stomach and and and ... joints are spared! In short, a clear purchase recommendation ... Thank you ;-)

♔♕ ♛♚ Ivo

★★★★★ Very good

With SUP experiences from this summer I have found a great addition with the board, which I also have a lot of fun with. So far I haven't been able to ride as much as I wanted because of the bad weather, but the board and stick are already convincing. Thomas's service is also perfect and the order came quickly.

♔♕ ♛♚ Simone

★★★★★ Great product

I bought the land paddling set to be able to train on land all year round. It's great fun. I had no previous knowledge of skateboarding. With a little practice it works quite quickly and the stick helps with balance.

♔♕ ♛♚ Inez

★★★★★ Incredibly awesome!

....I'm infected ;-)...started as an absolute beginner in land paddling and has now grown into a big fan of this sport. Absolute purchase recommendation for this set!

♔♕ ♛♚ Henning

★★★★★ Great workout!

Almost too good to be true: for a set price of around 300 euros, you get a wonderful, large board with a carbon stick that you can use to cruise, push, pump or paddle on slippery roads and level, earthbound country lanes. Gentle surf-style descents with the stick as a brake and balance are particularly beautiful. Faster and safer shipping too. Gentle full-body workout with a relaxation factor! Perfect, kudos!

♔♕ ♛♚ Gabriella

★★★★★ Excited

Driving fast, full body workout... And it's a lot of fun! You can get anywhere... It couldn't be better! My very favorite sport! gabriela

♔♕ ♛♚ Juergen

★★★ A great board and very good and fast communication.

Unfortunately no outdoor experience yet because of snow. Very good processing of board and carbon stick. I'm looking forward to spring. The board was packaged well and shipped quickly. Very satisfied! Again any time!

♔♕ ♛♚ Anya

★★★★★ great!

We are looking forward to spring and to getting people moving in the sense of "FIT FOR FUTURE" at our information stand about the 17 global sustainability goals (17TARGETS: - because: The change towards a socially -an ecologically fairer world can only succeed together! Sincerely, Anja Belz

♔♕ ♛♚ Alex

★★★★★ Awesome board! Top service!

I bought the board to be able to ride safely on uneven roads or roads covered with pebbles. And this claim is fully met with the Onda Longa. It runs very well and quietly, looks very high quality and my children are also enthusiastic. I would also like to give a very special compliment to The delivery was prompt and spare parts were sent immediately free of charge. I wouldn't have dreamed of that. This service is just great!

♔♕ ♛♚ Andi

★★★★★ A lot of fun

Coming from the SUP area, I was looking for an alternative for the colder seasons and came across this board. The first few minutes were still a little exhausting from the service, but after a relatively short time you get the hang of it. Leaning into the curves with the board really puts you in a good mood. Only braking and going uphill (slight gradients) still cause me a few problems, but that's going to settle down :-) But as far as speed in general (and especially going downhill (slight gradient)) is concerned, awesome. The board is really fast and stable on the road and totally rocks. From my point of view a very good alternative to the SUP :-) Cheers