Pump-Longboard "Antidode-Dont-Trip 2019", Pump, Push, Surf

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This Pump-Longboard will change your life. Surfing, pushing or pumping, anything is possible. Ingenious driving with dreamlike pump behavior.

One of the highest quality setups on the market. CNC-machined Dont-Trip-axles provide the necessary safety.

With a little practice, this board can be driven by slight forward and backward movement of the upper body (pumps). A dream you will not forget so fast.

Deck: Antidote Hurricane 2018, 68 cm length, 24.5 cm width, Wheelbase 51-54 cm Carbon + Fiberglass, very light and extremely stable with Griptape, recommended max. Driver's weight 90 kg

Front suspension: Exile 13deg bracket black

Front axle: Dont-Trip front Poppy SP Black Raw 125-143 mm 45 Deg (additional adjusted steering rubbers)

Rear axle: Dont Trip Rear Delirium SP Bracket Truck

High quality Zealous brand ball bearings, low noise and rust protected

Rolls: Very fast brand long distance rolls "Onda-Street" Roll diameter: 75 mm - Roll width: 65 mm - Color: black - Hardness: 76A

Foot-Stop: Riptide (color and shape may differ from picture)