Very fast branded long-distance wheels Onda Motion 75mm x 65mm 76A

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1 set (4 pieces) extremely fast and high-quality 76A brand long-distance longboard wheels from "Onda Motion" 75 mm x 65 mm.

These wheels are extremely fast on smooth to very rough asphalt and have an extremely good and long coasting behavior. Compare these reels to the speed of standard reels and you will be amazed.

The wheels have standard dimensions and can be used with all standard ball bearings/axles. Ideal and very fast for smooth to very rough asphalt. If your longboard is too slow, replacing it with these wheels can make the longboard much faster.

The tire cut-out of your longboard for these wheels must be large enough to avoid touching the deck/wheels. Pros can also extend this range by grinding or increasing the distance with riser pads.

Wheel diameter: 75 mm

Roll Width: 65mm

Color: Black

Hardness: 76A

The offer does not include ball bearings. - your provider for landpaddling and accessories in Europe. Landpaddling sticks in aluminium, carbon and fiberglass-carbon. Longboards, off-road longboards and double drop longboards. Landpaddling sticks as longboard brakes. Beginner longboards, longboard sticks, surfskate sticks and much more.

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