Zealous Build-in Bearings Standard 8mm longboard bearings

Zealous Build-in Bearings Standard 8mm longboard bearings

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These ball bearings are our absolute favourite.They are also installed in most of our longboards and are therefore the ideal replacement bearings.

Thanks to the attached speed rings and spacers, these ball bearings are practically noiseless and can be installed very easily. They are pre-oiled and therefore extremely durable, even if the longboard gets wet.

It is best to clean your longboard with a jet of water and just try not to let the ball bearings get wet. Possibly even put four small plastic bags on the rollers as protection. Then simply wipe the rollers with a minimally damp cloth.

If your ball bearings get wet, simply ride the longboard a little so that the wetness can escape again. Always dry wet longboards slowly indoors and do not leave them in the cold or in direct sunlight.

Please do not pull the ball bearings out of the rollers for cleaning, as this can destroy them.

If your axles squeak after washing, this is usually due to the lack of grease in the pivot cup. This is the lowest point where its axis rotates back and forth. Simply add some long-term grease here and your longboard should be noise-free again.

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