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An incredibly ingenious longboard that offers an incredible number of different uses. Starting as a summer-sledge downhill, using as a snowboard simulator on a slight slope. Great outdoor stepper, if you teach yourself the alternating pushing (switch pushing, foot left / right), which is 1000 times more fun than a stepper at home. Ingenious longboard for practically every surface and every season with great rolling behavior. Extremely large and stable, therefore suitable for practically any weight from 0-120 kg. Also usable for families with children and strong fathers. Great board for landpaddling, so it can also be used as a full body training (legs left / right, upper body left / right) with a high degree of muscle growth.

The big advantage of the Onda Longboard lies in the narrow, high tires. Uneven ground or smaller steps can be driven over with it without any problems. This is a huge advantage, especially when it comes to landpaddling, where longer trips are driven. Also ideal with changing seasons (small stones, snow, sticks). This is a great safety aspect, as the board is not stopped by every small stone or stick like many normal longboards. This means that the longboard is not only usable all year round but also much more versatile than conventional longboards.

Another advantage of the Onda Longa Longboards is the fact that the flexibility can be changed, which is not common with normal longboards. For longer landpaddling-tours or heavier riders, simply choose a harder setting. In the skate hall with many curves or for lighter skiers, you should choose a softer setting. Two decisive advantages that make the board to our favorite.


Onda Offroad-Longboard

Onda Longa

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