If you don't always want to go to the sea to surf, you should take a closer look at surf skates. Anyone who gets the movable boards to roll (through a movement very similar to surfing) feels an indescribable feeling of happiness.

Even on short, smooth streets, in halls and in skate parks, the full potential of surf skates can be exploited. Those who have some experience can experience the surfing feeling even more on small ramps.

We have included 2 of the leading manufacturers (Yow and Carver) in the range.

Since surf skates are relatively difficult to push (push with your foot) due to their high mobility, a landpaddling-stick always helps to build up a little more speed. This helps e.g. very much when starting off and surfing on the ramp. The stick also makes some additional tricks possible and helps in curves for more stability.






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