2 replacement-feet/rubbers "Standard" for Onda-Landpaddling-Sticks

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Set: 2 "Standard" rubber feet and 2 screw locking devices for Onda sticks.

These replacement rubber feet for Onda sticks have a very good grip on the road. They can also be used very well to reduce speed and to stabilize the journey due to their little abrasion. A safety screw (included) prevents the rubber feet from slipping off the stick.

Due to the round shape of the rubber, it is not necessary to check the position when pushing or braking.

The round shape also enables a long service life, as the rubber can be continuously turned and used all around. Hardly any signs of consumption, even after regular use, even for brief braking.

Width / height / diameter: approx. 76 mm

Weight per rubber foot, approx. 250 g

The "Standard" rubber feet have more material and are therefore a little heavier than the "Speed-Light" rubber feet. But because of "more material" they are more durable and more suitable for frequent braking.
The "Speed-Light" rubber feet have less material, are lighter and therefore more suitable for normal paddling, for longer distances with little braking.



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