Onda-Landpaddling-Stick Carbon + 2 replacement-feet - Longboard-Stick, Skateboard-Stick

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1 x Landpaddling-Stick Carbon by "Onda-Motion"

((Design of the carbon stick may differ slightly from the pictures))

+ 1 spare rubber foot "standard"

+ 1 spare rubber foot "Speed"

(The durability of the rubber feet is extremely good, it is not necessary to order additional rubber feet)

Suitable for pushing and slowing down longboards, skateboards or surfskates. By use as brake also an additional safety aspect.

Train your body, your fitness and your muscles with this Landpaddling stick.

The stick-length of about 1.50 mto 2 m is to any height customizable.

The closure is adjustable in seconds, closes perfectly and non-slip.

For transport, the stick can be divided into 2 or 3 (about 80 cm long) parts, so it can be easy carried.

For beginners:

- Easy entry into longboard riding with the stick as a support and brake aid.

- Have fun pushing and slowing down a longboard, skateboard or surfskate

For advanced:

- Relief of the legs at longer distances, additional distance possible
- Fitness training, cardio training
- More safety through using as brake on departures

Details on the product:

- Carbon stick 3-part, middle and lower part are put together, the upper part of the stick is used for length adjustment.
- Weight: approx. 900 g (including rubber foot standard)


The offer does not include a longboard.


Product Note Price
2 replacement-feet/rubbers "Speed-Light" for Onda-Landpaddling-Stick + 2 safety-screws 2 replacement-feet/rubbers "Speed-Light" for Onda-Landpaddling-Stick + 2 safety-screws
39.90 € *
2 replacement-feet/rubbers "Standard" for Onda-Landpaddling-Sticks 2 replacement-feet/rubbers "Standard" for Onda-Landpaddling-Sticks
39.90 € *
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