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Very high-quality and fast long-distance longboard "Onda Street" from "Onda Motion"

Length 105 cm, width 25 cm, height 7 cm

Including 1 longboard-tool

B-goods: faults ex works, only on the wooden deck, small, barely visible faults. Examples of possible errors: Griptape has air bubbles at the drop bend. Possibly small, barely visible scratches on the wood. No errors that are noticeable after first use or that affect the function / guarantee.

- The "Onda Motion"-Longboard "Onda Street" is the longboard with the absolutely best rolling behavior in our range. Little effort, little pushing, long rolling.

- This Longboard has the highest quality and can be recommended for any driver weight up to 130 kg, every age and every skill level (beginner to professional). An exchange in the family and use of several persons is no problem.

- Depending on the driver's weight, the mobility of the board can be adjusted using the included Longboard-Tool. Drop deck longboards are generally more immobile and thus more stable at higher speeds.

- Onda Motion has followed their concept of the "Offroad Longboard Onda-Longa" and have designed this longboard, that it is not only one of the fastest longboards available on the market. In addition, this longboard also allows driving on dirty ground or dirt tracks. Many longboards have to stop at small bumps or pebbles where this longboard rolls safely and without problems. This property will be appreciated on longer distances with changing ground and is achieved by the relatively large and soft wheels.

- Thanks to the deep deck (= drop deck, height approx. 7 cm), the "Onda-Street" allows a very safe and relaxed pushing. No thigh pain, as with boards that are too high. Also an alternating pushing with both feet is very easy possible with this board.

- The symmetrical design of this longboard allows driving in both directions. This does not require the board to be rotated when changing direction.

- No risk of wheelbites (touch deck / tire) through large cutout of the deck around the wheels.

- Good hold by Griptape.

- Very comfortable driving behavior in curves and fast stand-by control with switch-pushing (changing foot when pushing) through slightly convex deck.

- Wide soft wheels for a comfortable driving feeling: 75 mm diameter, 65 mm width

- High-quality "Zealous" bearings with already installed spacers / speed rings and corrosion protection

- Very stable deck with 9 ply maple for driver weights up to 130 kg.

- High-quality 182 mm longboard trucks "Onda-Motion"

- Weight approx. 5 kg


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