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- All our longboards can be driven with, or without a Landpaddling-Stick. We recommend one day leg training left / right without stick, the next day upper body training with stick.

- Longboarding with a Landpaddling-Stick is great fun for all ages. Hardly any other sport offers such a brilliant combination of fun and movement.

- Stand-up paddling training on virtually any path, even right on your doorstep, without a long journey, without a long construction, practically in every season.

- A Landpaddling-Stick offers the opportunity for muscle building and longer distances with a longboard to drive.

- For beginners, a Landpaddling-Stick offers the opportunity to better balance and slow down.

- When using the stick, in addition to a general increase in fitness, many different muscle parts in the body automatically build up.

Considerable health aspect possible through the use of the stick.

- Onda sticks also offer the possibility for braking, which also represents a safety aspect. Wear of the rubber foot is hardly noticeable with the Onda sticks, so that practically no follow-up costs.






1 x Onda/Rettboards Landpaddling Stick Aluminum by "Onda-Motion" and "Rettboards" for longboards, skateboards, surf skates.

+ 1 extra replacement rubber foot "standard"

+ 1 extra spare rubber foot "Speed"

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1 x Onda-Landpaddling-Stick Carbon from "Onda-Motion" and "Rettboards" for longboards, skateboards, surfskates.

+ 1 replacement "Speed-Light"

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