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Unique in Europe

We build longboards that are making fun and also run on uneven roads.

We provide high quality products.

We have the exclusive rights to sell Onda-Sticks and Onda Longboards in Europe.






1 x Onda-Landpaddling Stick Aluminum by "Onda-Motion" and "Rettboards" for longboards, skateboards, surf skates.

+ 1 extra replacement rubber foot "standard"

+ 1 extra spare rubber foot "Speed"

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With the "Onda Longa Offroad Longboard", the company "Onda Motion" made a great step forward in terms of safety and comfort.

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1 x Onda-Landpaddling-Stick Carbon from "Onda-Motion" for longboards, skateboards, surfskates.

+ 1 extra replacement rubber foot "Standard"

+ 1 extra replacement rubber foot "Speed"

(The durability of the rubber feet is extremely good, it is not necessary to order additional rubber feet)

Old price 179.00 €
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In stock

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