1 x Onda landpaddling stick fiberglass-carbon, optionally 2 spare rubbers

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1 x Onda landpaddling stick fiberglass-carbon (85% fiberglass, 15% carbon) from "Onda-Motion" for longboards, skateboards, surfskates.


+ 1 extra replacement rubber foot "Standard"

+ 1 extra replacement rubber foot "Speed"

Adjustable in length from approx. 1.50 m to 2 m to practically any body size.

Suitable for pushing and braking longboards, skateboards or surf skates.

An additional safety aspect due to the possibility of braking.

Train your body awareness, your fitness and your muscles with this land paddling stick.

The clasp is adjustable in seconds and closes perfectly. For transport, the stick can be dismantled into 2 or 3 parts (approx. 80 cm long), so it can be carried along almost anywhere.

For beginners:

- Easy entry into longboarding with the stick as a support and braking aid.

- Have fun pushing and braking a longboard, skateboard or surf skate

For advanced:

- Leg relief on longer rides, additional distance possible

- Fitness training, cardio training, fitness training, back training.

- More safety through the possibility of braking on descents

Product details:

- Fiberglass-carbon stick 3 parts, middle and lower part are put together, the upper part of the stick is used to adjust the length.

- Weight: approx. 900 g (incl. standard rubber foot)

- 85% fiberglass, 15% carbon

- Hard plastic handle

The offer does not include a longboard.

Properties of fiberglass-carbon: Warm on the hands, light and much more flexible than carbon or aluminum

Landpaddling sticks can be used as:

longboard brake for longboards or skateboards,

full body workout with longboards

outdoor fitness training with longboard,

outdoor rowing training with longboard,

Stand-up paddling training all year round with longboard,

SUP (stand up paddling) simulator,

Brake for and brake with longboards or skateboards.