Kahuna-Stick Hydro Adjustable

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Kahuna Creations is proud to introduce the new Adjustable Kahuna Stick - Hydro with GenV Blade!

The Kahuna Adjustable Land Paddle is the culmination of 12 years of development. US Patent No.: 8,636,306 B2

Land Paddling is Kahuna's most fearless innovation in no-limit longboarding. Riders use the Kahuna Big Stick to lean into intense downhill turns, or as a land paddle for cross country longboarding and a great workout.

Adjustable Kahuna Big Stick Innovations: New stronger solid shaft with a flat rib side that offers stronger performance as well as a more comfortable grip. Larger, extremely durable, machined knobs for easier height adjustment. Preinstalled with new GenV Road Blade. The ergonomic handle adapts perfectly to your hand. Features Hawaiian Hono Turtles and tribal artwork.

Adjustable from 4'5" to 6' (137 cm - 183 cm)

GenV Road Blade™ New innovations: The new GenV Road Blade offers the best ergonomic road feel when paddling. Engineered with new ballistic polycarbonate compound for lightweight strength. Engineered with an incredible new proprietary thermoplastic elastomer, the GenV Road Blade offers both a solid, plush feel and durability. Beautifully designed contoured lines and organic curves that add to the awesomeness! 10% more road gripping area for longer life. Wavy (wavy) design for the smoothest transition. Variable size damping holes for the smoothest hit with no jarring.